Hallowed (Waters Dark and Deep #1) Monica Leonelle


Published: July 17th 2013



Hallowed (Waters Dark and Deep #1)  by  Monica Leonelle

Hallowed (Waters Dark and Deep #1) by Monica Leonelle
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The van Rossum siblings have lost their mother, but little do they know that all her secrets died with her.Secrets about her magical origins. Secrets that could get them killed.Brie van Rossum has always been the baby of the family, until she discovers that she is a Hallow, a descendant of humans and archangels. Oh, and that everything her mother has ever told her is a lie.

Now, she has to protect her family and there is no room for error- if she makes a single mistake she could lose everything, including the people she loves. But the people who claim they can help her have their own motives, and she has no idea who to trust as she navigates her new reality.Pilot van Rossum feels like his life is spinning out of control. His mother has passed away recently, his family is constantly hounded by the media, and he can’t figure out how to control his younger sister.

He turns to a beautiful stranger for solace and quickly becomes wrapped up in her world. But she has her own demons, demons that threaten to come between them unless Pilot can change her mind.A broken family, a deadly secret, an impossible romance… Hallowed is the first book in Waters Dark and Deep, a sexy new young adult urban fantasy series by Monica Leonelle (recommended for mature teens 14+).This short novel is 47,500 words (roughly 225 printed pages).

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